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Parent Companies

Alfmeier Präzision

Alfmeier is an international, owner managed family firm which, as it progresses steadily into the future, is able to look back on more than fifty years of practical industry experience, with a wide range of core plastic and fluid technologies together with extensive product and process innovations.

The company, which was founded in 1960 as Walter Alfmeier GmbH Präzisions-Baugruppenelemente, changed its name to Alfmeier Präzision Aktiengesellschaft Baugruppen und Systemlösungen in 1997. The precision plastics company laid the foundation for its growth into an international group of companies and the dynamic development of the international automobile industry from the 1990s onwards has allowed the company to grow and expand in North America, Europe and Asia.

Through the deliberate, strategic expansion of fluid technology and plastics engineering as the company’s lead technologies, Alfmeier has organized its business into four divisions. The main focus today is on pneumatic and hydraulic solutions for seat comfort systems, fuel systems, brake power boosting and engine intake and exhaust systems. Since 2008, three additional companies Rodinger Kunststofftechnik (RKT), KITE Electronics and k3works have joined the Group. This enabled Alfmeier to expand, as an industrial corporation, into non-automotive markets, such as the electronics industry and the medical technology sector.

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Friedrichs & Rath

All Friedrichs & Rath group locations are committed to the highest competence and innovative capacity in design, development and production of highly sophisticated technical parts since their respective foundation.

The family owned company is specialized in manufacturing technical and decorative plastic parts by utilizing injection molding technologies including multi shot machines with up to four components. Friedrichs & Rath has about 350 employees and more than 100 injection molding machines in Europe (three locations in Germany and Czech Republic), and about 600 employees and 60 injection molding machines in North America (three locations in the US and Mexico). Their products are used in several industries such as automotive, packaging, electro-/electronics and domestic appliances.

Friedrichs & Rath provides complete solutions, including assembly of complex, technical plastic components and support to their worldwide customers from the early stages of the parts development process through their combined expertise.

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